Ten Easy Sustainability Tips for the Office

Nobody wants to be responsible for empty plastic bottles washing up on the beach; here are some quick wins to get your office on track.

  1. Provide staff with handy water bottles and keep-warm mugs to discourage single-use plastics and disposable paper cups. 
  2. Set up a proper recycling station for paper, card, glass, plastic, batteries and aluminium.
  3. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  4. Replace all bulbs with low-energy models.
  5. Ask staff to shut down computers fully when they leave the office.
  6. Turn the heating down by 1 degree.
  7. Only use recycled paper and collect scrap for note-taking.
  8. Set printers to double-sided as standard. 
  9. Hold meetings online wherever possible, to reduce travel.
  10. Introduce a car-sharing scheme

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